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I practice this 20 minute exercise to connect with my values and needs daily. It really is effective as I use it sometimes in the morning to warm up my emotions or before sleep to calm me from my day.

Values are life energy:
You can transform emotions quickly. The exercise helps you to connect with your needs by simple imagery to instill trust, health, love, gratitude and many other values. Values generate our emotions. By connecting with them through this exercise, your feelings will be more positive.

It can be used at anytime after practiced, on your own to preserve inner peace and develop positive energy.

It has been used for 5 years and was only available in CD form. The CD has additional tutoring and 3 more exercises. If you have intense daily stress the CD may be worth while to order.

Download the exercise in minutes and save it on your desktop or any MP3 device.

Bonus: An extra track that explains how and why this exercise works.

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