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"I Hear You But..."
OVER 100 Communication Tips

These tips and exercises are perfect for personal and business relationships. From your in-laws to your most "difficult" customer, you now have new skills to make your communications easier and with less stress.

Special section on Compassionate Communication skills that will show you the basics in an easy to learn way.

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The E-Book

"I Hear You But..." Download Version E-Book
OVER 100 Communication Tips

Have it Instantly! In PDF

There really are no difficult or dysfunctional relationships, just the ones that you have not learned to master the communication techniques that make them easier. Now you can for a few dollars. Plus a free coaching bonus.

These tips and exercises are perfect for personal and business relationships. From your in-laws to your most "difficult" customer, you now have new skills to make your communications easier and with less stress. Just under $9.00 with a huge free bonus

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The "Inspiring" World Empathy Day Coffee/Tea Mug

Why is this mug so amazing? You will quickly see as you read the values on the mug, your energy will calm to a sweet peacefulness. As you identify your values, this just seems to happen. Try it now by just reading the values on this picture. Join World Empathy Day participants all over the world every Wednesday.

Place your mouse over the picture and see the other side. A beautiful picture of the world being held. Click here to have a nice cup of values with your beverage. An excellent gift!

"Instant Calm and Inner Peace:"
Downloadable Now! Use it in minutes!

I use this exercise almost everyday. It really works for relaxation, calm and more life clarity. Be relaxed or energized in minutes. As this is a downloadable product, no shipping, no materials to waste and no waiting, Take a 20 minute emotional vacation or do a shortened or longer version on your own from the instructions.

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"Manifesting Instant Calm and Positive Energy" CD

I use this CD everday! I wanted a CD that could really help promote calm and positive energy. So I developed my own and I am sharing this gem with you. The exercises help to calm myself and also to offer positive energy. There are a 2 educational tracks for education on why this works.

Seven tracks of discussions and exercises about meeting our values and how they give us calm and functional energy. You will learn how to offer yourself calm in seconds.

This is a great gift for anyone including yourself that yearns for balance and calm that we all want to achieve. A bonus track for using appreciation inan innovative way to boost energy.

With Free Coaching Bonus and Free Shipping (for N. America)

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Mentor Program

Mentor Program

The fastest and easiest way to learn to use Compassionate Communication is with practice and working on authentic challenges. . Work on individual instances where you are having challenges, whether with personal or business relationships. A chance to also receive powerful and healing empathy one on one.

Each session will be tailored for your needs whether it is for receiving powerful empathy, dealing with a difficult situation or actually role-playing these situations to empower your communication skills. A great life changing value. Use your sessions within 6 months, so don't worry about missing them. 50 minute sessions.

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Have Extraordinary Business Relationships

Customer Service CD


Business Communication CD
For Entrepreneurs, Professionals
& Management to CEO's

  • Learn the one secret ingredient to calming people instantly.
  • Be calmer throughout your business day and enjoy handling intensity with ease.
  • You will have a chance to practice these skills so you can really use them.
  • Use the 20 min. consultation bonus to ask any questions or receive support with any challenge
  • Ask your office staff to listen to the CD and learn the skills to have happier customers and staff who will enjoy their work more.

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"Creating Extraordinary Customer Relationships"

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