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The Mentor Program

Take out the fluff of learning

Learn these proactive communicatiion skills in the most effective and efficient way possible. We take out all the fluff and unneeded information that you do not need to know. After the first session, you will be able to use and practice the skills to enrich all your personal relationships. You will learn the most important skills in the first session. Other sessions will include more practice and practical knowledge.

You will be surprised how quickly you can learn these communication skills one on one with Rick Goodfriend, the author of 101 Communication tips, "I Hear You, But". It took me over 3 years to learn the skills where I could use them confidently and achieve the quality of relationships that I have now. It was because the facilitators taught fluff, knowledge that wasn't really needed.

Learn in 3 sessions what I learned in 3 years... No Fluff

It will take you a few sessions to feel confident. You can go through life communicating dysfuctionally, yet why. These skills bring emotionally freedom that years and years of workshops would never bring. Compassionate communication is powerful, yet does not come easy. I have found that practice is the secret, yet practicing the skills with a mentor.

Practice, Practice Practice:

In the beginning you will receive just one worksheet. This worksheet is like gold as it has all the knowledge that you need. I will then show you how to use compassionate communication in any situation that you may have. It is important that we use real life situations and show and practice how to use these skills. Have you sat in empathy sessions where the leader focuses only on one person?

The Mentor Program:
If you are serious about enriching your life and relationships,
I am ready to teach you and support you in your learnings

1 session:
Great to use for tuning up your skills, dealing and practicing with a difficult situation or to receive empathy and understanding about a situation you may be experiencing. Empathy is not therapy, yet very healing and relaxing. It is like an emotional holiday. Feel calm and de-stress.
$85.00 - 50 minutes - Please click here to sign up

3 Sessions:
This package is excellent to use for receiving empathy and learning and practicing compassionate communication. It must be used within 60 days. save $15.00 off each session
$210.00 for 3 sessions - Click here

Yearlong Mentoring Session:
Unlimited E-mail questions and 1 session a week for learning, practice and empathy work. A nice program for weekly support at a very sensible price. You need to receive empathy work to flush and heal any past emotional challenges.
$2950.00 per year - Click Here

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